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When willows weep

We were happy, nearly four years ago, when this neighbor brought over a sprig from his flourishing globe willow and planted it between his place and ours. His tree is a swaying beauty, gentle in the wind, as if in tune with some piece of Hawaiian music. It turns yellowish and bare to ride out the winter, and is back to its old self again.

Our own willow is getting to look like his; smaller, but taller than I am now, and starting to shade the deck from the slanting evening sun. Big enough, too, to allow us to prune  a sprig to establish a similar bond with the neighbor on the other side of our home.

Her  willow has started to assert itself, with a sway of its own, all three feet of it.  Alas, this neighbor is loading up to leave, moving house this weekend because of problems with a failing mortgage and  consequent arrangement with the bank.

Our transferred willow in her yard will continue to strive, as they seem to do, and will remind us that she’s gone. And the first neighbor is leaving, too —  for different reasons.

His failing eyesight caused him to back his car into a tree in the yard, crashing it. And his wife, stented some years ago, had a close call the other day, prompting a brief stay at the hospital.

A concerned son in Colorado decided they should join him so he could keep an eye on them. They have put up their home for sale, have been visited, and soon, reluctantly, will be heading out, leaving their sighing willow.

We’ll have more than their willow to remember them.


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