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A different field

I came back to Sweetlime to find an entirely new design. I’ll have to work my way into it and, more to the point, begin again to address the passing days.

Since last I was here I’ve had cataract surgery and I’m due to have a go with  the other eye.

Arizona has become something of a pariah state with its new immigration ruling which gives policemen the right to stop you on suspicion you might be an illegal and, should you fail to show cause, might have to take you in. By this one move our state has also become a Judas goat since other right-minded states are bent on introducing the same kind of legislation.

Meanwhile, in Trinidad, the weather is hot, as is the political climate, with elections due shortly, and the country possibly facing a massive change. From how it looks now the long-running PNM seems likely to fall to a combination of opposition parties. It happened once before — a coalition ousting the rampant PNM — and it might well be the case again.

It will be good for the country.

And I’m reading Nature Cure, Mandala’s Way, and Walcott’s White Egrets. And, waiting in the wings, is The Bridge, Obama’s rise and  rise.

And yes, I’m also doubling as an enumerator. Unlikely development it is true.


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