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Note to myself

In case I got a summons from the police about running a red light, I took down the following information right after the incident, to remember details of the incident.

Sunday, February 29, 5.57 pm, at the Hospital corner, I was driving at approximately 37-39 miles an hour, under snowy conditions. It had been snowing since Pinetop and I was driving gingerly, so as not to skid.

The road was slick with the temperature at 29 degrees according to the in-board readout.

Approaching the corner I was close enough to the amber light to consider proceeding. The decision to proceed, or brake, was based on whether braking would cause a skid on the slick surface. I thought it safe, and prudent, not to brake, and so avoid skidding.

Before completing the crossover amber turned red.

Mine was not a careless, unheeding, flouting of the rules. I was proceeding as I thought the conditions of the road required.


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