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Makes you wonder …

Bet you won’t find, in China, mementos of the Great Wall made in the US of A. But in Washington D.C, at the Smithsonian, you can find busts of U.S presidents — Made in China. They don’t miss a beat.

Then there is the blonde teenage girl presiding over a stall at the craft mart near the library in Charlotte, North Carolina. She was reading while awaiting customers. She was reading Frederick Douglass


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Even in the midst of mourning and memorials in Tucson, and even as the dead were being buried in that traumatized city, they went ahead with the gun show, anyway.
Of course there was nothing illegal about holding the show — merely a lack of compassion, plus insensitivity and callousness.
It was as if all the shooting, the death toll, the travails of a troubled mind; even the national incomprehension — almost as if it was just a big build-up to the gun show. Is this what we are?

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