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The trip

Leaving here now at the end of summer we’ll see much that is different when we return in a  month’s time.

The escapees from the heat of the Valley will return home and the flow of traffic here will be lessened, the population dwindling to a a third of its current, and customary, number.

The makeshift roadside stands selling Taylor sweet corn will be gone and the glow of yellow blooms honor-guarding the roadsides will disappear with the passing of sun flowers and black-eyed susans.

The feral cats from the abandoned house next door will hopefully no longer be able to enjoy the run of the yard, Corky’s determinati0n, already accounting for five of them, continuing to get at the remnants, with the help of patient municipal functionaries.

And the green summer quilt will be all set to give up its place to the black winter version.

We leave on Wednesday, heading for Page, first night,  and for Seattle by a roundabout way as a final road trip destination,before the Alaska cruise.


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