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“R” is for what?

Julian Bond got into trouble, some time back, for mentioning what he called the Taliban wing of the Republican party. Maybe he was on to something. After last month’s frothings and Joe Wilson’s spectacular lack of couth during the president’s address to Congress last night, one has to wonder.

But all the hysteria had an up side: it signaled that I myself should make an effort not to be extremist, and is urging me to find out more about the principles driving what I supposed to be the ideals of those fellows.

There must be some sanity somewhere behind this parade of refuseniks and I ought to know something about it, for my own sanity. Lately I have got two books to help in this regard — Mark Levin’s Liberty and Tyranny and, for balance, Sam Tanenhaus’ The Death of Conservatism.

Levin is billed as “conservative talk radio’s fastest-growing superstar” and a New York Times bestselling phenomenon,” and Tanenhaus is the editor of the New York Times Book Review and the Week in Review section of the Times.

We’ll see. But it is no good, for anybody, should the Taliban take over: and for now they certainly appear to be in the ascendency.


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